Hackathon // 07.16.16

Frontiers Where to next?

React + Node web app. Input a location with optional filters and find events going on in the area.

Daily Bruin // 02.22.16

Prime Athleisure keep it casual

Responsive flatpage showcasing a fashion trend in colleges.

Hackathon // 01.21.16

Beats by Myo UCLA IdeaHacks 2016

Created an online soundboard kit that you can upload samples to and play using the 5 Myo arm gestures. We also linked an Arduino device that picks a loop to play in the background.

Class Project // 10.30.15

GreatReads Good-er Reads

Ruby on Rails application created for a class on Scalable Internet Services. Run on AWS and employed various methods to test scaling.

Daily Bruin // 10.30.15

Prime Redesign Daily Bruin's Seasonal Magazine

Redesigned the database schemas and frontend for Daily Bruin's Prime Magazine. Won CCMA 1st Place for Best Magazine Website.

Daily Bruin // 09.25.15

Bobaholic Interactive Map

Created with Google Maps API, the widget visualizes the top boba cafes in the LA Area

Hackathon // 07.13.15

Follow Up Outside Hacks 2015

Post-concert app visualizing your listening statistics and give you recommendations based on who you listened to the most.

Daily Bruin // 05.17.15

Spring Sing 2015 UCLA's annual musical competition

This page also pulled data from a Google Spreadsheet about the artists that were performing.

Daily Bruin // 04.19.15

Dance Marathon 2015 live blog for UCLA's annual dance event

This page pulled data from a Google Spreadsheet that our reporters could update on the go; this way, we achieved live hour-by-hour coverage of the 26 hour event.

Hackathon // 02.01.15

Delivr SB Hacks 2015

Food delivery web application created for SB Hacks 2015.

Hackathon // 12.31.14

Favr UCLA Local Hack Day

First hackathon, attempted to make an application using Soundcloud API to look up a genre and sort the resulting songs by likes.